post-graduation life

aka the bubble between the end of school and successfully landing a job, whether it be your dream job or not; the time during which you wonder if it was really worth it to get a 4-year degree and pay 200k for it; the span during which you question your life goals and you wish you had the money to move to backwoods maine and bake all day, but you have to find a job to do that.

this is where i am right now. and i’m trying to see that it’s awesome. getting there, slowly.

1. it is important to go to bed and wake up at a decent hour, even though you have absolutely nowhere to be.

2. going to the gym everyday gives me a place to be, but i don’t have to look good to go there. i have the perfect treadmill with my own television and the fan blowing on me. if you have to go to the gym, you might as well make it as comfortable as possible.

3. making a little to do list every day gives some structure to otherwise unstructured time (aka if i don’t have a list, i’ll sit watching television all day). putting the gym list gives you the satisfaction of crossing it off afterwards. also, putting easy things on the list, like taking a shower or making the bed is always good.

4. baking bread and pouring over cookbooks are great creative outlets. i currently have pizza dough rising in the kitchen, and i’m getting ready to make whipped feta for this amazing looking flatbread for the boyfriend’s birthday appetizer tomorrow night (he won’t eat goat cheese…gotta adapt!).

5. there’s no point in trying to keep the whole house clean all at the same time. and there’s no point in spending all day every day cleaning. 20 minutes a day on dishes, and decluttering when necessary helps keep me sane but not overwhelmed. deep cleaning will happen on the weekends when the boyfriend can help!

6. make-up is overrated. i think since completing my course at umass on aug 22, i have worn it maybe two or three times. my face is happier for it – cetaphil every day helps too! gotta keep my beautiful glow!

7. it helps to find things to look forward to, whether it be a yummy dinner, a vacation, or what have you. on the docket here: boyfriend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night (made by moi, of course!), further celebration wednesday night with his family, and camping this weekend in the white mountains. not a bad week! (though this week is more exciting than most).

8. think positive thoughts. all the time.

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